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  • Beatrice Iker

The Book That Made Me: Laugh

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is the kind of book (and series!) that should be read with the audiobook. The first book is narrated by Stephen Fry, who does an amazing job at bringing the characters to life. The second book onward is narrated by Martin Freeman who - I kid you not - does a *perfect* job. Perfect. Really.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a sprawling absurdist science fiction book about a man called Arthur Dent. Dent is an Englishmen who gets rescued by a friend who happens to be an alien right before the Earth gets demolished to make way for a '...hyperspatial express route...' through the Milky Way. I love this book.

For me, I have noticed that serious books usually get taken seriously. If there is heavy content, some people see that as a marker for the inherent value of said book. And maybe that works for some people. Maybe it's true for them. But what is the measurement of value between books that make you laugh and the ones that make you cry or that make you have an existential crisis or crisis of faith or crisis of morality? Why is there a difference at all?

This book is like a cup of hot chocolate after you come in from the snow. It is what you need it to be at the moment, and that's more than enough really.

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