• Beatrice Iker

Poem #7: fragments


when i pass by mirrors

and the sunlight

is fragments

of reality

i see myself


in and out of

it, reality

as spare parts, broken, fragmented too

who am i

if not pieces of shards of other pieces


of myself

stitched together with sunlight

and moonlight

the specks of starlight

the mouth of a lazy river

i’m so yellow

so bright

so shadowy

i’m marigold

but in the mirror

against the beams of sunlight

marigold is



less than

because you can’t have a rainbow

with only one color

you can’t breathe in a paper bag

for the rest of your life

and i cannot live

as only marigold

i cannot


as one fragment

one boulevard

going east to west

i’ve never been able to sit


existing to go in only one direction

i am not mappable

because fragments

because shards of reality

because my tongue

splices in every direction

at once

but the way sunbeams



in shades of


but beauty

but moonlight

and starlight

still exist

in the prisms

of my


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