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New Tarot/Oracle Deck Babies

Updated: May 6, 2022

I got some new babies. Links at the bottom of the page.

Some of these were presents to celebrate my first publication, others I got while on vacation in Tennessee.

I've been slowly getting into oracle decks. They can be more difficult to get into because oftentimes I don't want a "you need to do this specific thing" type of conversation. I want a "let's look at the bigger picture" type of conversation.

I like broad swaths, ambiguity I can wrestle with and etch into something custom-made for myself.

But oracle decks give me a break from that, and I appreciate that too.

These are the first "fun" decks I've ever gotten (both were gifts--take from that what you will) and I love them.

Like oracle decks, they give me a break from my Scorpio-stellium intensity.

Fun fact: The Golden Girls is in my top 5 television shows of all time. Also, just started watching Cheers from the beginning and I'd love a deck based on that show as well.

I have cats. I love cats. A cat deck makes sense.

The Light Seer's deck might be my prettiest one? Look at this. It's gorgeous.

I wouldn't call the Gold Lyre deck pretty. I would call it powerful, vibrant, and serene.

My favorite. Yeah, I'm playing favorites.

First, The Macabre deck is designed for shadow work. Second, the court cards have been renamed as follows:

The Page - The Terror

The Knight - The Nightmare

The Queen - Haunting

The King - Massacre

This deck must've been made specifically for me because I'm obsessed. Truly obsessed. This is everything I want in a tarot deck. The imagery is stunning. Renaming the Queens to the Hauntings??? Perfection.


The Sacred Self-Care Oracle

Cat Tarot

The Golden Girls Tarot

Gold Lyre Tarot

The Light Seer's Tarot

The Macabre Tarot

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