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  • Beatrice Iker

Poem #2: The Violence of a Thought

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Poem #2 - excerpt from The Timeline of the Universe

Chapter: The Dark Ages

One day, a thought flitted across my mind, crashed into the back of my skull, twisted in on itself, ricocheted backward, avoided the tender muscles of my brain, and dissolved into my optic nerve - forever changing my eyesight

The thought was a simple one

You could leave

I could tell you the truth

And you could leave

What would I do then?

What would become of me?

What would become of him?

Would I still be me?

Would I still be him?

What would I do with the deceptions I had cut into perfect angles for my body? They would not fit on anyone else. They could not be sculpted into anyone else’s gender dysphoria

They were mine, and they were only built, they were only born in the context of you

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