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  • Beatrice Iker

Poem #1: A Narcissists Account on Wind

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Was there ever a time when you stood


Against a breeze

And wondered if you belonged there?

With it

And not with people

And picture frames

And fast food

And home cooked food

And language?

Was there ever a time when you heard


The sound of stillness

The thunder of silence

The echo of nothingness?

Did you ever wonder what it meant to breathe?

Why is it something our bodies do for us without having to be told?

And what has that done to us?

What does it mean, to assume you will go on breathing?

To not consider that it may stop at any moment?

To forget that it is work

A job

A process

A gift?

Have you ever breathed against the wind and heard not your breath, but the sound of the earth sighing?

It’s all I hear

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