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Iker Tarot #3: Mind, Body, Spirit (January 2022)

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

I usually share the pictures of my readings, but I forgot! So, enjoy snapshots from labyrinthos (which you should check out anyways tbh).

(TL;DR at the bottom)

This is the Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck

Going into this reading, I made sure I kept my mind open. I wanted broad information about what I should keep in the back (front? maybe?) of my head going into this year.

I don't love or entirely dislike New Year's Resolutions. If they work for you - fantastic. If they don't work for you - don't do it. For me, though, I've decided to transition from promises to others and/or myself to a series of purposeful emotional adjustments (in the form of tarot spreads).

Okay, maybe you could say my resolution is to have monthly tarot spreads, but that doesn't fit the narrative I've started in this post so I'm gonna disregard that.

Every other month I'm gonna do a Mind, Body, Spirit spread as a sort of spiritual redirection.

Welcome to spread #1!



III of Swords

Right away, this is super interesting because mind, body, and spirit is a power of three.

The 3's in a tarot deck can mean achieving or settling something. The Suit of Swords is associated with the element of air - so a lot of energy is focused on the mental state or intellectual things - and action.

The Three of Swords upright isn't an overly positive card. It's associated with pain and heartbreak, betrayal even. But if I break all of those high-emotion words down, I like to sum this card up as: conflict.

January 2022, and perhaps beyond, will bring us emotional conflict of some kind. Maybe this emotional conflict will take place now, maybe we'll relive or worry about past conflict, and maybe we need to begin preparing for future conflict.

Either way, conflict is often shitty and inconvenient, but it's also an opportunity.

I hope you look your conflict in the eyes and choose yourself - whatever that looks like for you.



The Lovers

Body - The Lovers, this reading is trolling me.

As a Libra sun and rising, when I see The Lovers I immediately think of balance. Balance is entirely achievable, balance lives in my skin, balance is my past, present, and future. It is everything.

The Lovers is a wonderful representation of unity and working in multiple parts or with others. Going into January, I need to keep in mind that the goal isn't to be entirely independent or entire dependent but to find a balance.

And I don't only mean being independent of people or dependent on people. I am very capable of being dependent on things or being independent from things.

As it pertains to body, finding a balance sounds to me like taking care of my body in a variety of different ways, and balancing between those ways.

Biking, Skin Care, Yoga, Food, Stretching, Washing My Hair, Drinking Water

balance. balance. balance.



The High Priestess

Intuition - trusting in yours, believing in yours, balancing between being flexible and being resolute.

When The High Priestess is pulled, we're being called to look wholly within. We shouldn't rely only on our physical world for nourishment, nor should we only rely on our conscious mind for nourishment.

Don't forget the unconscious mind. Don't forget to trust that everything is working in service to you and your betterment.

Yes, we need to steer our life in the direction best for us, but we also need to understand that we cannot control everything. Some things are beyond our control - so let go of the thought that you can manipulate your entire life independent of a greater purpose. You cannot.

Remain passionate. Remain empathetic. Nurture your intuition by trusting it.

Going into 2022, The High Priestess is calling us to embrace the Divine Feminine within our spirit. Please understand, the Divine Feminine doesn't have anything to do with gender. We must all balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine within us.

My quote for January 2022 is as follows: balance. balance. balance.



Mind - (Three of Swords) You'll face emotional conflict. Face it. Look it in the eye. And choose yourself.

Body - (The Lovers) Keep a balance between the myriad of ways you can take care of your body. Don't rely on one way, but also do what makes your body feel good.

Spirit - (The High Priestess) Nurture your intuition and unconscious mind by trusting it.

Go out there and take care of yourself 🧡

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