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Project Pipeline

Updated: May 12

Featuring me, last summer :)

My process for novels goes like this: Blurb *, Synopsis **, First 3 chapters ***.


Young Adult

Middle Grade

Speculative Southern Gothic (ft. tarot + astrology 👀) ***

Speculative Historical Saga (ft. time-travel and breaking generational curses) ***

Original dark fairytale (excited to infuse this story with Hoodoo, talking plants, and a curse on a small mountain town) *

Historical Horror (ft. monster royalty, Savannah heat, willows that weep, & murder-y politics) **

Southern Gothic (Hoodoo + soft sapphic love + Savannah, GA) **

Appalachian Horror (a camping trip goes horribly right) *

Historical Fantasy (overjoyed to finally have something to comp to THE NIGHT CIRCUS in 1920s Harlem!) **

Historical Fantasy (Inception meets Downton Abbey in 80s NYC) *

Contemporary (road trip ft. autism rep and sisterhood) *

Speculative Historical (PhD student time-travels to the 18th century) **

Historical Fantasy (ft. queer 1880s cowboys with FEELINGS) *

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